Worship and Fine Arts

The Atlanta First United Methodist Church Music Department is dedicated glorifying and edifying Christ. The music ministry of the church plays a vital importance for the entire congregation’s spiritual growth and maturity. The music department accepts all volunteers who are willing to enhance the music of the church with rehearsals, fellowship and love. At First United Methodist Church, we use music to generate excitement, beauty, and inspiration in our worship services. Our music program is intended to nurture those involved and to give a means of contributing in worship, outreach, and praise as well as an opportunity for personal growth and enjoyment. We welcome anyone who would like to join us in this most rewarding endeavor. To learn how you or a family member can be involved in the music ministries of First United Methodist Church, email Laurice Lanier-Trowell, Director of Music Ministries, at laurice@atlantamethodist.org. You may also call (903) 796-8247.

Atlanta FUMC Music Department Policies and Procedures 2017-2018

August 2017 Rehearsal Schedule Link


Worship Band

Chancel Choir

Handbell Choir

Worship Ensemble

Cherubs Choir (PreK – Kindergarten)

Hallelujah Kids Choir (1st Grade – 6th Grade)

Nitro Youth Choir (7th grade – 12th grade)

Youth Worship Band (7th grade – 12th grade)


You can expect worship to be uplifting and inspiring. The worship ministry at FUMC Atlanta is comprised of people who believe that God inhabits the praises of His people through music and other expressions of worship. Those who share their gifts of music are reminded that they are worship leaders and God is using them to encourage the church family in worship. The offering of praise instrumentally and vocally isfocused vertically to the Lord and not horizontally to the people. We strive for excellence to honor and celebrate our Savior. We have Greeters to assist you in the house of worship. Come and be blessed!