Worship Band

The congregational praise band leads the music ministry for the contemporary Sunday worship services at 11:00am. The Director of Music leads this ministry and seeks to draw from the instrumental and vocal talents of the First United Methodist Church community to engage the congregation into collective praise, reflection and celebration. Experience the transformation of soul and spirit through the power of contemporary Christian music.

Team members for this ministry are always in demand, including:

  • Vocalists
  • Instrumentalists
  • Setup/tear-down crew members

To get involved or for more information, contact the Director of Music at laurice@atlantamethodist.org or call the church.

First United Methodist Church contemporary music ministry seeks to:

  • Honor and praise God through prayer and song
  • Live out an infectious passion for the ministry of Jesus Christ
  • Assist and promote congregational participation in worship
  • Develop a culture of support for the church and the band
  • Invest in the improvement of band members, as individual and collective musicians

Childcare is available upon request.


Each Wednesday at 7:30pm in the Choir Room


Laurice Lanier-Trowell